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Hey I'm new

Hey there, i got this address from 0nly_for_you I think. Anyway, here's my intro.

name: Laura
age: 14
birthday: 23/2/90
ED: Almost ana (I say almost because I'm not exactly there yet, Im not in too deep yet
clinical issues: depression
how long have you had your ed: a few months
how long have you had your clinical issues: about 2 years
h: 5'3"
cw: 133lbs
lw(at this height): 133lbs
hw: 147lbs
stgw: 120lbs
ltgw: 100lbs
would you ever give up your ed: no
would you ever go back in time and try to make right what was wrong: yeah I would.
do you si: sometimes. I used to be a lot worse but not so bad now.
would you stop if you do: maybe. Depends on the circumstances.
fav quote: netruit me destruit.
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