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I hate my mother, I hate myself, I hate my boyfriend right now.
Blah Blah Blah sigh..................................
I wish my mother wasn't mentally ill and I wish she never abused me.
I wish I didn't turn out to be such a depressed moron.
I wish my boyfriend was more sympathetic.
I wish I had someone to confide in.
I have some sort of sick obsession with getting thinner. I puke and jog everyday to feel better about life and hey at least its the only good thing working out for me. Yeah I have a job I'm grateful I'm making cash to support myself, actually my money supports my boyfriend more then me.
My mother is trying to file a police report about something that doesn't exist.  Everyone at my workplace disrespects me and I do something about it and it doesn't stop. I'm so tired of life. I can't even forget about my awful past it keeps coming up and I feel sicker and sicker.
Life sucks and guess what I'm starting to grow some sort of dislike for all men, men are starting to make me feel sick, I feel like becoming a borderline lesbian and I'm not sure if its a good thing.
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