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So..finished workin out and I figured I'd give a lil description because this is a great toning workout and you will feel it.  Just do it in addition with some cardio! Keepin track of food intake, so far a yogurt and a 100cal shake thing.  Gonna make some green mango tea and have some ice water and watch some dr.phil and oprah.  If I'm forced into dinner i'll hop on the bike for wishes everyone, stay strong and think thin!!


-stretch, especially to keep from pullin summin or being sore

-30 lunges, or atleast work up to this, it's only 15 on each leg, do more if ya can

-10 leg lifts for each leg, get into a push up position and lift them up behind you

-10 push up left lifts, do a push up with one leg up behind you-5 each leg

-15 side kicks each leg, hard to describe- ok sit on your knees and kind of bend over into a ball, you're gonna have to get on all fours basically and take one leg and kick it out to the side, you'll feel it work if you can understand the directions lol sorry

-20 squats, correct form

-10 clockwise/10 counterclockwise, so lay down on your back flat, then kind of fold into a v shape with your body and with your legs off the ground move them in circles, 10 clockwise and 10 counterclockwise-kinda hard lol

-20 out/ins, meaning sit in that v shape but pull your knees in to your chest then your going to flatten out into a wide angle but don't let your legs or head touch the ground

-wall sits, sit against the wall like in a chair but no chair do 3 sets of 10 seconds

-planks, like a push up but get up on your forearms and hold it for 15 seconds 3 times

-sit up intervals, simultaneously do these 20 times each:

   -lay flat and do crunches

   -regular knees bent crunches

    -lift legs into a 90 degree angle and do crunches

    -straighten legs up vertically and do a crunch

    -spread legs outwards and do a crunch

     -and then do the spread then straight and 90 degree and so on

-lay on your side and lift your leg up and back down about 30 times and then pull the leg towards you and go at a sideways angle up to the sky, if the second part doesn't make sense then stick with the basic up and down-do both legs

-lay on your back and then straighten your legs up vertically..bend at your knees doing an up and half way up motion, you'll feel it

hope it works and just try it once and you'll feel it..should tone and lengthen instead of bulk, i suggest doing it after cardio when your muscles are warmed up and it should burn more! best wishes, lemme know how it goes.  I have pictures of the routines on my album on webshots, the links at the top for the normal albums.

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